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Our Story

It is true to say that this is a uniquely challenging time.

On a personal level, with two new little people to care for, the drive was to divest from the need for at least one, if not both, parents to spend the majority of their time absent in order to earn and provide.

Globally we're staring down the barrel of so many other challenges, not least of which is the need to develop more sustainable and local growing systems.

We wanted to direct our lives away from the 9 to 5, spend more time with our children, be present when we're present.

We wanted to grow food. As foodies, it's woven into the mesh of our relationship. Cooking, catching, growing, preparing, sharing. We've dreamed about the ideal self sufficient lifestyle since the start, nearly 2 decades ago.

And so, inspired by Curtis Stone, JM Fortier, and Ridgedale Permaculture, we began to research S.P.I.N farming and consider how we might apply its concepts to our context.

Driven by the understanding of the unsustainable nature of industrial scale monoculture food production, and the need to diversify and localise to guarantee food security, we began our journey into production with a small test space in a converted bedroom. We quickly realised there was a strong demand for high quality, nutrient dense microgreens and decided to take the plunge and set up permanent infrastructure.


We chose a decommissioned refrigerated shipping container as a starting point (as it made sense in our local and personal context) and have upcycled it into a self contained, climate controlled growpod.


We grow under high efficiency LEDs and source organic seed where possible. We use Biogrow certified organic soil which meets the nutrient demands of microgreen's short growing cycle. As a result the only other input required is fresh water.


Committed to providing the highest quality and freshest produce, we carefully planned our growing, watering and harvesting schedule to ensure that crops are harvested, chilled, packed and delivered within a 24 hour window. This translates into a more nutritious, longer lasting, and fresher product for you.

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